Urban Nation

A filmmaking partnership between Kent Monkman and Gisèle Gordon

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    • Box 343, Station B
    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • M5T 2W2




  • Written, directed, and produced by Kent Monkman
  • 2011, 3:18 minutes, HD


Hair holds power. Shot in slo-mo like a glossy shampoo commercial, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle, stars in her first foot fetish video. Once again oozing sex and irreverence, Miss Chief revisits the Prince of Wales' visit to Montreal in 1860 to challenge the meaning of surrender within Aboriginal treaties with the crown.

Referencing the biblical allegory of Mary Magdalene washing Christ's feet and linking them to the Prince of Wales' visit to Montreal in 1860, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle rewrites this historical narrative and adds a sexy twist that addresses the relationship of betrayal and treatment aboriginals have had with European colonizers.