Urban Nation

A collaborative art practice between Kent Monkman and Gisèle Gordon

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Shooting Geronimo

  • Written and directed by Kent Monkman
  • Cinematographer and Executive Producer: Gisèle Gordon
  • Produced by Kent Monkman
  • 2007, 11:11, B&W, Super 8
  • single and two-channel versions, same length
  • Distributed by Vtape


Famed romantic filmmaker Frederick Curtis is shooting a film about Geronimo just outside the Long Horn Saloon. Frustrated with the unconvincing performances of his lead actor, he pulls another young sexy Cree man into the role. Jealousy ensues as Curtis alternately gushes over the two Cree boys as he manipulates them into broad Hollywood caricatures. A “Lonesome Rider” intercedes, teasing the action to a tragic twist, which forces the boys to take control of Curtis’ film.