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Commissioned for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, 2010, and conceptualised and executed by Gisèle Gordon and Kent Monkman, Iskootāo was a site-specific sound and light installation with live performance that transformed a 650-tonne billion-year-old chunk of the Canadian Shield in Toronto’s Yorkville Park into the pulsing heart of the earth.

Iskootāo is the Cree word for “fire,” but also means “woman’s heart.” In a live performance with sound and light, a 650-tonne, billion-year-old chunk of the Canadian shield is transformed into the pulsing heart of Mother Earth by Kent Monkman’s infamous alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.

Steps away from the third most expensive retail space in North America, Miss Chief takes us back to the core. Every heartbeat penetrates deep into the lands of the Mississauga, Seneca, Wendat, Cayuga…